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Snail extract cream

Snail extract cream 100 g


Product Description

The HERBAGEN snail extract cream contains Polyhelixan – a powerful natural and ecological ingredient, obtained from the secretion of the Helix Aspersa garden snail. Composed of allantoin, proteins, vitamins, alfahydroxiacids, mucopolysaccharides, proteolytic enzymes, collagen and elastin, it has proven to be a miracle agent for the care of human skin.

The cream’s formula comprises Polyhelixan, jojoba oil and other valuable substances totalizing in over 95% natural origins ingredients. Destined for the care of normal or combination skin with fine lines, spots, irritations, oily portions of the middle line of the face alternating with drier patches around the cheeks or eyes.

Applied daily, it contributes to: the removal of dead cells (natural peeling) promoting cellular airing and regeneration; the elimination of oily areas; the blurring of spots and an increase in skin luminosity; the calming and repairing of irritated tissue after shaving, sun bathing without protection, waxing, acting as a regenerative and moisturizing antioxidant. It diminishes face and cleavage lines, by activating the secretion of collagen and elastin; prevents infections and calms skin inflammations; regenerates damages tissue that can appear as cellulite or stretch marks.

How to use: remove impurities by using the snail extract cleansing milk from Herbagen and then rinse with warm water. The cream is applied twice a day on clean skin, by light massaging. One can notice an improvement in the skin’s appearance after the first week of using the product in the increased luminosity, finesse and imperfection blurring.
Quantity: bottle 100 g

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