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Lavender Argentum Floral Water

Lavender Argentum Floral Water


Product Description

Argentum+®, colloidal-ionic silver, is a miraculous product that stops the multiplication of pathogen agents.

Due to its fast and complex germicidal action, meaning the destruction of over 600 types of known microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi) colloidal-ionic silver brings several benefits to the skin.

The substance is a proven excellent remedy in acne, burns, irritations, scarring, maintaining skin, and hair and nail hygiene.

BIO lavender floral water – obtained through the distillation of lavender blossoms, is known for its antiseptic, tonic, rejuvenating, scarring, anti-wrinkle and calming effects on irritated skin, after sun burns or insect bites.

Lavender Argentum floral water can be sprayed successfully:

  • After shaving, helping soothe the skin and damaged pores;
  • For acne-prone or irritated skin;
  • After sun bathing or in case of burns;
  • On the skin, morning and evening on perfectly clean skin for a toning and purifying effect on skin cells;
  • On the body, hands and feet where due to its antibacterial effect it disinfects and stops fowl odors;
  • On intimate areas, maintaining local hygiene;
  • On the scalp for a toning, anti-seborrheic effect, normalizing the workings of sebum glands.

Quantity: 50 ml

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