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Argirline is the first revolutionary hexapeptide with proven anti-wrinkle and lifting effects on expression lines. After 30 years, expression lines appear especially in the upper part of the face and are caused by repetitive facial muscle movements which, in time, can lead to permanent contraction. The peptide’s action relaxes the skin and prevents the reemergence of contractions.

Comparing the peptide’s effects to that of botulinum toxin: both aim at the same complex of proteins (SNAP -25) in order to cover space in the SNARE complex – but they do so in different ways. While Botox leads to local facial paralysis for several months by tearing the SNARE complex, topical products with Argireline relax muscles on a daily basis (without tearing the components in the SNARE complex).

Argireline is the topical alternative to Botox. Clinical tests have proven that weekly treatments of 10% Argireline two times a day lead to: reduced wrinkle depth by 27%, roughness by 20% in only 28 days, volume and length decrease by 21% and 16% in only 7 days.

The line has three products: serum, cream and BB cream SPF 15 with 10% and 5% Argireline with anti-wrinkle and lifting effects together with organic or natural origin ingredients: marine collagen, BIO aloe vera extract, macadamia, raspberry and jojoba oils, chestnut extract, sunsphere, mineral pigments, UVA-UVB filters. They support the peptide’s beneficial effects by improving elasticity, hydration and protection against free radicals and sun rays, that aid in diminishing expression lines, while making the skin look younger and covering complexion imperfections.

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