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Testing Laboratory

Testing Laboratory

S.C. GENMAR COSMETICS S.R.L, through its physical and chemical analysis laboratory (LAFC), RENAR certified, can provide cost-effective and fast testing procedures for your products.

LAFC offers meteorologically verified technical facilities and professional staffers that participate in all testing procedures while guaranteeing absolute confidentiality.

The laboratory has been certified by RENAR – the Romanian Certification Association – the national certifying body, after having proven that it meets all Romanian and international standards.

S.C GENMAR COSMETICS S.R.L is a privately owned company that applies the best commercial practices in order to guarantee client satisfaction.

On request, our testing lab with years of experience in the field will receive the samples at our company headquarters.

By calling upon our laboratory’s services you can save time and money. The main objective of our quality policies is to “meet expectations and maintain the level of trust for our beneficiaries”.

Test provided in the Genmar Cosmetics laboratory:

  • Bulletdetermining the appearance
  • Bulletdetermining the color
  • Bulletdetermining the smell
  • Bulletdetermining thermostatic stability
  • Bullet*determining pH
  • Bullet*determining density
  • Bullet*determining viscosity
  • Bullet*determining drying loss
  • Bullet*determining residue
  • Bulletdetermining water and volatile substances content
  • Bulletdetermining total fatty substances content
  • Bulletdetermining the excess of free caustic alkali; with phenolphthalein and pH sol. 1%
  • Bulletdetermining the content of free caustic alkali
  • Bulletdetermining the content in the insoluble and unsaponifiable substance
  • Bulletdetermining the acidity index
  • Bulletdetermining the peroxide index
  • Bulletdetermining the saponification index
  • Bulletdetermining the product content from a package
  • Bulletdetermining the type of emulsion
  • Bulletprotein identifying reactions
  • Bulletpolyphenols, saponins, flavonoids identifying reactions.

Any other types of procedures that are not present in the initial offer will be negotiated with our company’s representatives.
Trials marked with an asterisk are certified by the Romanian Certification Association – RENAR.

View the RENAR Accreditation Certificate

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