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Argireline Day BB Cream SPF 15


Descriere Produs

The Argireline Day BB Cream SPF 15 offers a seamless color to the skin, a younger and more luminous look and contributes to: smoothing already existing lines, stopping the emergence of expression lines and covering the skin’s imperfections.

5%  Argireline – prima peptida revolutionara cu efect antirid si lifting dovedit asupra ridurilor de expresie care in numai trei saptamani ajuta la diminuarea reliefului cu 20%, volumului cu 21% si lungimii acestora cu 16%;
Pigmenti minerali help skin coverage;
Filtre solare UVA-UVB ensure a SPF of 15;
Sunsphere chelps the filter actions by the light refraction effect, diminishing the sun’s potentially irritating effects.

Argireline® is owned by The Lubrizol Corporation”.

Aplicare :
How to use: one or two applications during the day to cover imperfections, relax the face muscles responsible for forming expression lines and UVA-UVB protection. If the skin is exposed to sunlight, one must use the product once every 3-4 hours.
Continut: 30 ml

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