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Anti-wrinkle and depigmentation cream with snail extract A&D


Descriere Produs

Anti-wrinkle and depigmentation cream with snail extract contains an active ingredients mix:

– snail extract filtrate – Poly Helixan, Helix Aspersa species, originary from Chile.

Hyaluronic acid microspheres, retinol acetate, vitamin E, completed by grapeseed, avocado, argan and jojoba vegetal oils.

The cream acts intensly on skin cells by:

– filling and smoothing out wrinkles due to the action of hyaluronic acid spheres and polysaccharides which enlarge their volume 10 times upon water contact from the skin.

– increasing of skin luminosity by removing dead cells, deep epidermis regeneration due to the snail secretion’s precious composition – rich in allatoin, proteins, vitamins, alphahydroxyadicds, mucopolysaccharides, proteolytic enzymes, collage and elastin.

– brown spots skin and wrinkle diminishing due to retinol.

Usage: apply on clean dry skin or cleavage without any water traces, especially at night by gently massaging in an ascendant motion.

Paraben free.

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