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Lifting and luminosity cream with snail extract


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The Lifting and luminosity cream with snail extract contains a complex system of proteins:

Snail extract filtrate – Poly Helixan, AH8 – Argireline, latest generation peptide, marine collagen, vitamins C and E, argan, jojoba and avocado vegetal oils which synergically act upon the epidermis.

– AH8 – Argireline, diminishes expression wrinkle depth by aprox. 27% in 28 days, by reducing facial muscle contraction and obtaining a natural look.

Argireline represents a non-invasive alternative for relaxing facial muscles.

– the snail extract dynamically intervenes in the process of skin regeneration , while effects such as luminosity, elasticity or wrinkle and irritation diminishing, become visible in about 15 days. Rich in allatoin, proteins, vitamins, alphahydroxyadicds, mucopolysaccharides, proteolytic enzymes, collage and elastin, it represents an extremely valuable natural ingredient.

– marine collagen imprims a surplus of elasticity to the skin, improving its texture.

– vitamin C which is indispensable to optimal collagen production.

Daily usage indicates an improvement in skin texture after only 15 days, enhancing luminosity, relaxing the skin by diminishing expression contractions which soon leads to a decrease in wrinkle depth.

Application: recommended to be used during the day on clean skin without any water traces by constantly massaging in an ascendant motion.

On sunny days, after the product is used, it is necessary to apply  a sun protection with a 15 or 30 factor.


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