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Instant filler serum with hyaluronic acid microspheres


Descriere Produs

Contains a new generation of dehydrated microspheres of hyaluronic acid and konjac glucomannan. These have the ability to penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis and migrate to the deep dermis, where it absorbs water. Due to their hygroscopic properties, the spheres volume grows rapidly, which leads to filling and smoothing the wrinkles, while increasing the elasticity of the epidermis in only one hour after application.

Usage: The box contains 30 ml divided into three 10 ml ampoules, ensuring the daily requirement for at least 30 days. Each ampoule is provided with an applicator, and for its use it is necessary to break its tip. Breaking the tip is done by pulling right/left, then it is kept to reseal the ampoule. Apply a few drops on the skin with the aid of the applicator, massage with upward movements, insisting on the areas with wrinkles.


Allow to act for about 1-2 minutes, then apply Herbagen Instant filler cream with hyaluronic acid.


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