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Re-sculpting anti-cellulite serum with viper venom


Product Description

Re-sculpting anti-cellulite serum with viper venom destined for edema-type cellulite and lymphatic drainage: contributes to strengthening capillaries, smooth out skin, regenerate deformed tissue and soothe tired legs.

Contains an active mix of viper venom, extracts of centella asiatica, fucus and laminaria marine algae and essential cinnamon oil that acts by stimulating cellular activity.

  • The Vipera Ammoddytes venom has the powerful effect of stimulating collagen production, regenerating tissues and acts as a anti-wrinkle and analgesic solution.
  • Centella asiatica is a plant with an intense diuretic effect, contributes to eliminating toxins from tissues and to mobilizing fatty nodules. It contains fatty acids, phytosterols and mucilages that act on edema (water retention), varicose veins, flebites, phlebitis by strengthening capillaries and improving blood flow.
  • Fucus and Laminaria marine algae that normalize the metabolism at a celular level due to their high level of iodine and stimulate the elimination of tissue toxins.
  • Essential cinnamon oil that acts as an anti-inflammatory and activator for blood flow.

You can use the Re-sculpting anti-cellulite serum with viper venom alongside the other two products in the same massage session or in off days depending on your cellulite.

Quantity: 150 ml.

It’s very important to add intense hydration to your routine: this helps drain dislocated fat. Also: physical activity and healthy diet based on fruit and vegetables, no refined foods, sweets, fizzy drinks or alcohol.


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