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Exfoliating mask for sensitive skin prone to redness


Product Description

The active substance – natural ammonium lactate – acts by exfoliating the layer of dead cells on the skin’s surface without traumatizing sensitive capillary veins.

The combination of plant extracts (chestnut, hedera, arnica) and jojoba oil, has a decongestant effect.

The mask stimulates the desquamation process which leads to enhanced cellular regeneration and finally to the disappearance of fine lines.

The ammonium salts from the lactic acid (L+) also have excellent cellular regeneration, moisturizing properties that enhance the level of ceramides and the strength of the lipid barrier.

How to use: the mask is applied on the face (a thicker layer near the nose, chin and forehead) and it left to act for 10 minutes before removing with warm water. The skin becomes very clean and smooth. Apply a nourishing cream afterwards.

Quantity: 50 grams


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