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Marine collagen mask with spirulina platensis


Product Description

The native marine collagen platensis spirulina HERBAGEN mask for wrinkle-prone skin contains 95% ingredients of natural origins. The combination of natural origin substances (avocado oil, marine collagen, the spirulina platensis algae, caolin and glycerin) contributes to diminishing lines, moisturizing and re-mineralization of the skin.
Marine collagen is a natural active, very efficient and risk free when it comes to human health, as compared to bovine collagen. Spirulina platensis contains minerals and vitamins with antioxidant and revitalizing effects. Bio avocado oil, rich in vitamins A and D nourishes dry and dehydrated skin.

How to use: the mask is applied to the face and cleavage in a thin layer; it is left to act for 10-20 minutes and then is removed with warm water. For faster results, one can use warm compressions while the mask in working. The look of the skin is improved, the lines are smoothed out, and the texture is more elastic, smoother and more moisturized. We recommend that you apply a moisturizer with marine collagen in order to maintain skin moisture and elasticity.
Quantity: 50 g

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