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Argireline anti-wrinkle and lifting cream


Product Description

The anti-wrinkle and lifting HERBAGEN Argireline cream contains Argireline, the first revolutionary hexapeptide with a proven anti-wrinkle and lifting effect on expression lines. Usually, expression lines appear after 30 years, visible in the superior part of the face and are due to the repetitive movements of facial muscles with, in time, remain contracted. The peptide’s action lies in its relaxing effect and in preventing already present contraction.

In vivo testing has proven that after 28 days of daily applications, morning and evening, the Argireline 5% cream contributes to contribute to reducing the depth of lines by 20%, diminishing their volume and length by 21% and 16%. The Herbagen cream contains 5% Argireline (anti-wrinkle and lifting effects), marine collagen, raspberry, jojoba, macadamia oils, that support the peptide’s action by increasing the skin’s elasticity, moisture levels and protection against free radicals.

Argireline® is owned by The Lubrizol Corporation”.

How to use: applied twice a day, in just one week the skin is visibly rejuvenated, relaxed and the lines are diminished.
Quantity: bottle 50g

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