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Miorelax anti-wrinkle cream with Ocra extract


Product Description

HERBAGEN anti-wrinkle Miorelax cream has a strong anti-wrinkle effect by reducing the contraction of facial muscles that lead to expression lines (around the eyes, mouth, nose). It protects the skin from premature aging by stimulating its own defense mechanisms (antioxidant action).

How to use: applied twice a day, particularly around the areas with fine or pronounced lines. With each passing day one can notice an improvement in skin texture – a rejuvenating effect – and after 3 weeks existing lines are visibly smoother. The MIOXINOL LS9736 active ingredient is a oligopeptide complex obtained from okra seeds (Hibiscus esculentus) – a tree that hails from Africa and Southern Asia.
Quantity: bottle 30 ml

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