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Artromio-Calmin massage gel


Product Description

Artromio Calmin massage gel


A combination of vegetal origin substances (licorice extract, essential juniper and lavender oils, menthol) and camphor, which contribute to the soothing and immediate relief of tense areas: muscle pains in the lower and upper members, back, shoulders, temples, scalp, neck; tired legs, sprains, symptoms associated with arthrosis.
Can be used following periods of prolonged effort to reduce pain produced by muscular effort.

Do not use Artromio-Calmin massage gel:

•If you are sensitive to menthol, camphor or any other ingredient in the product
•On open wounds
•On sensitive areas of the skin
•For children under the age of 12, pregnant women or women breastfeeding

How to use:

The Artromio-Calmin Gel is massaged on the affected area until full absorption with circular movements. The procedure is repeated, if needed, up to 3-4 times a day.
If it is used according to the instructions, unwanted side effects are unlikely. If accidentally swallowed, contact your primary care physician or the closest medical unit.


Active ingredients: menthol (5%), licorice extract (10%).
Other ingredients: essential juniper oil, pharmaceutical ethylic alcohol, essential lavender oil, hydrogenated ricin oil , camphor, phenoexietanol, etilheaxiglycerine, AMP (2 amino – 2 methyl – 1 propanol).

Precautions: does not affect the ability to drive vehicles or to operate heavy machinery.
For external use only. Do not use under a tight bandage. If skin irritations appear, stop administering. Avoid contact with eyes, other mucous tissues and irritated or wounded skin.

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