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Filler creams with hyaluronic microspheres and marine collagen


The new Herbagen anti-wrinkle line with instant effects is based on an optimized system, with fast wrinkle filling results by increasing the volume of the cutaneous layer. The system contains a new generation of dehydrated microspheres, based on the main ingredients:
Ultra Filling Spheres formed of biopolymers: hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight (200 kDa) derived from the Konjac Glucomannan tree from Asia, which has exceptional hygroscopic properties.
Marine Filling Spheres formed from a unique combination of marine collagen (atelocollagen) and glycosaminoglycans that improve collagen production, contribute to repairing damaged tissues, being able to increase their volume ten-fold in the presence of water.
Its action is based on the ability of the dehydrated microspheres to penetrate the upper layers of the skin and to absorb the evaporating water from the deeper dermis. Due to its excellent hygroscopic properties, the spheres’ volume increases quickly and as it builds up, they lift the skin from the inside, smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines.

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