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Genmar - Game Produse - Acid hialuronic

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that appear naturally in our body. The most of it is part of the skin, covering more than 50% of the total hyaluronic acid in the body.


Argan Oil

Herbagen Argan oil products are destined for dry and mature skin and contain high-massed molecular proteins, phytoceramides and avocado oil.

Genmar - Game Produse - Ulei de argan


Argireline is the first revolutionary hexapeptide with proven anti-wrinkle and lifting effects. The peptide relaxes the skin and prevents the appearance of permanent muscle contraction caused by repetitive facial movements (smiling, frowning, etc.)



Incorrect positions at your desk, prolonged physical activity, daily stress or medical problems (sprains, arthrosis) – they can all lead to muscle or bone pain and a general state of discomfort.

Gama mint leaves


Ayurveda medicine has been around for thousands or years and originated in India. The word is composed of “ayur” and “veda” that mean “life” and “knowledge”. Some experts estimate that Ayurveda can trace its origins to around 8.000 BC.


Stem cells

The citrus stem cell line contains stem cells from BIO-certified crops. Orange stem cells are called CITRUSTEM and contain aminoacids, organic acids, sugars, peptides and proteins..


Colagen marin

Marine collagen has a superior bio-availability compared to other types of animal collagen. This feature allows it to be quickly absorbed by the body and helps to cover the needs of the skin’s own collagen network.


Snail extract

The secretion of Helix Aspersa Muller garden snail, originally from Chile, is a complete and balanced solution for skincare products having been created by a living being in order to protect, heal, regenerate and hydrate its own skin.



Urea is a natural substance that is part of the skin and helps maintain its hydration at optimal level. The outer layer of the skin is formed of corneocytes – a sort of cell binder that provides enhanced resistance to chemical agents.


Grape extracts

The products in this line contain active substances such as Resveratrol® derivatives, micronized grape peel from Bordeaux grapes, grapeseed oil. These ingredients are rich in flavonoids, vitamins C and E, and play a role in reducing wrinkles, improving skin luminosity, local slimming, activating circulation.


Viper venom

Horned viper venom has been used since ancient times for its curative properties. In the cosmetic industry, viper venom is used in wrinkle treatments, causing a neuromuscular blockage that relaxes facial muscles and reduces wrinkles.



Who doesn’t love the sweetness of honey? Besides its flavorful and charming taste, honey is also a miracle ingredient for healthy skin and hair..



Macadamia oil is among the most popular choices in the beauty industry and we think that it’s well deserved. Each drop of this special oil is rich in essential fatty acids, and the oil’s chemical formula is incredibly similar to that of human sebum.

Silver ions

Recent studies have proven that silver nanoparticles under 10nm inhibit viral replication, having a destructive effect on over 600 types of bacteria, viruses and molds.

Silver ions
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