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Testing Laboratory

Quality, accountability, performance in trials

Our company has its own laboratory for physio-chemical tests, certified with SR EN ISO/CEI by the Romanian Accreditation Association – RENAR.

Due to this accreditation, our trial reports enjoy both national and international recognition.

Our lab equipment is calibrated and metrologically checked, the testing methods have been validated and the specialized staff ensures trials are run in the best of conditions while maintaining result confidentiality.

The Physical and Chemical Testing laboratory is RENAR certified and can offer all the required testing for your products with fast response times and reasonable pricing.

Physical and chemical tests performed in our laboratory:

  • Determining the appearance
  • Determining the color
  • Odor Determination
  • Determination of thermostatic stability
  • * Determination of pH
  • * Density determination
  • Determination of viscosity
  • * Determination of drying loss
  • Determination of residual
  • Determination of water content and volatile substances
  • Determination of total fat content
  • Determination of excess free caustic alkali: with phenophthalein and soil pH. 1%
  • Determination of the content of free caustic alkali
  • Determination of insoluble and unsaponifiable content
  • Determination of acidity index
  • Determination of peroxide index
  • Determination of saponification index
  • Determination of product content in a package
  • Determination of emulsion type
  • Protein identification reactions
  • Identification of polyphenols, saponins, flavonoids.
  • Centrifugation (3000 rpm, 30 min, organoleptic examination in to and final, separation degree%)

Tests marked with * are RENAR certified.

Microbiologic tests are performed on pre-prepared cultures (Mikrocount):

  • Determination of the total number of mesophilic aerobic bacteria
  • Determining the number of yeasts
  • Determination of molds

Our laboratory offers full support to all clients in regard to the development of documentation that accompanies a cosmetic product.

  • Preliminary stability studies: Glass and compatibility with packaging
  • Stability studies in accelerated conditions: glass and compatibility with packaging
  • Notification of products on the CPNP portal
  • INCI list
  • Technical quality specification
  • GMP Declaration of Conformity / Statement
  • Technologic process
  • Safety assessment report


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